How it works

We agree terms and rates with you prior to assisting you.
No hidden fees or overcharging.

  • A very approachable and transparent service, charged on a standard hourly basis.
  • We also offer a day-rate which gives you a 35% discount !
  • For holiday rentals, we charge a percentage fee for managing guest check-in/check-outs, verifying hosting standards and handling house staff rota, throughout the entire rental season. Call us today for a quote.
  • What’s included in the fee? Searching for the qualified supplier or solution to your query, developing tailored solutions, initiating contact, making appointments and accompanying you to meetings (bank, administration, healthcare, welfare, schools, training, real-estate, staff search, tradespeople, etc.)
  • You can pick & mix out of a menu from Our Services or request your own assistance. We will help you navigate the French administrative, educational, medical, legal, financial and other processes.

Request a personalized and cost-effective quote now by calling us or filling the contact form.

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