Bilingual Services

Discover our bilingual services !

+ Individually tailored bilingual assistance

In case you don’t see your requirement listed below, please fill in our contact form and we will respond right away with an offer for your special requirement.

assistance service on the road

+ Real-estate sift and search

Most find it challenging to follow up with individual real-estate agents. We take down a brief for your real-estate purchase within your desired locality and sift through the local portfolios and organise selected viewings for you, we assist you all the way to completion. We bring it all to you on a platter.

+ Domestic staff including childcare, pet-care, house-sitting, cleaning, gardening.

Finding reliable and well-trained domestic staff can be a cross to bear when demand is high, especially if you lack linguistic ammunition. We’ll search and find appropriate staff for you, but also make sure they are briefed to your unique needs.

+ Venue scouting (weddings, family events, corporate and film).

Wedding, engagement, corporate function venue-scouting in the South of France can be tricky. We sift through venue options (intimate, large, romantic setting) and catering according to your brief, secure dates and bookings ready for oyu to enjoy your event without the headaches.

+ Conversation and cultural introduction, individuals and groups.

Many Anglophones would like to better integrate with fellow residents through learning some basic French. We offer a chance to do just that in central Uzès and elsewhere in the Gard where you can attend intimate & tailored cultural introduction events, meet native-speakers and learn useful conversational French.

assistance service in city

+ Holiday Rental Management

You ‘re not always around and wish to rent out your French property in the high season. You don’t know anyone reliable locally and you’re losing valuable income? We can help you with guest greeting, house-sitting, staff search and training; making sure your property is ready and up-to-standard at every check-in.

+ French admin support online and in-person.

The French admin system can seem arcane especially for non-natives. We can remotely handle admin issues for you, We also accompany you to appointments, explain processes as well as translate non-official documents.
We cover help with: House repairs, personal emergencies, healthcare, insurance, banking, legal, immigration and education.

Bilingual services for expats

+ Vehicle purchase, repair, license and registration.

We have helped people with the complications of exchanging their foreign driving licence, getting their car registered, repaired and insured. If you have any difficulties navigating the French system, do get in touch, we can help !

+ Shopping assistance

You want your grocery shopping or meals delivered but don’t know how to order. We are here for you! We can collect the shopping, help you choose the most reliable and high-quality suppliers for groceries, catering, home equipment, interior design and many other hand-picked goods providers .
We can accompany you to the local Farmers’ marché so you can enjoy a full experience of farmers’ produce and conversation too.

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